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Letters to the editor:
Lyndhurst, Washington school.  As a concerned parent and Citizen of lyndhurst I see  day in and day out how this school restructuring has put all our smaller children fron  Pre K all the way to 3rd grade at greater risk than the other higher grades. # 1 school officials dont want parents going into the school to drop off their kids, they want kids to be droped of at the curve and parents to keep going. keep on mind these are small children, # 2 there is no parking around school, neighborhoods, again these are small children and not parent wants to leave their children alone, all parents want to make sure their kids go safely trought the school oficials seem not to care about that,they have one crossing guard for the entire school, she does a great job don't get me wrong and I am not saying that the school should hire more crossing guard either. what I mean is we had a good school system going, and now is all upside down. it seems to me tha
t school officials have teamed up with the police deparment in a effort to acquire more revenue for the town by ticketing parents whoo care about their kids. School and town officials should look into this matter seriously and not wait for fatalities or casualties to ocurr, because of this nightmare that is going on now at Washignton school. Just recently have been reports of attempted child abductions in Bergen County, and if kids miss when they open the door, they give will give them  the run around sending you from one door to another no one seems to know what door to direct them to, and to top it off they make the kids stay outside untill they decide they want to buzz them in, they don;t care wether it is raining,or freezing outside or if they got there 1 minute or 2 late because either the police was there harrasing their parents because of the parking around school, the traffic mess, around school, or maybe because they had to drop a brother or a sister at another scho
ol then deal with traffic getting around school.if someone thought this might be beneficial for the kids they are dead wrong, instead they are been put at a greater risk. there are parents that because of this change have  to pick a child at one school, and walk or drive acroos town to pick another at another school. do you think is right?
Concerned Parent
Statement from Mazur Family Re: Bakery Closing
September 20 2013 at 12:48 PM
post John C. Mazur
Hello and good day to you all,

I am John C. Mazur, son of the former owner of Mazur's Bakery. My family is very aware of all the press surrounding the closing of our heritage bakery and we would like to speak on behalf of the event. Though we understand publications have spoken about the sudden closing, we never had a chance to formally submit a statement about the bakery my family has operated for so long. Below is a news release that my family has written and sent to various publications and news outlets in the surrounding area. We feel it is important to express our thoughts on the closing and hope you better understand our perspective on the subject. Thank you so much for being a part of our business. It truly means the world to us.

September 20, 2013


Lyndhurst, New Jersey - September 20, 2013 – Mazur’s Bakery, which was sold by its original owners in 2003 after 66 years of family operation, was closed as a result of the new owner’s failure to comply with local health department standards.

"Our family created an iconic presence in Lyndhurst that was a point of pride for residents and a destination for visitors," says John Mazur Jr., whose family owns the building property and is preparing this space for future use. "The operation of the bakery ending this way is unexpected and deeply painful for us. And, of course, it is the height of injustice that not only did their neglect damage our reputation, we are left to cleaning up the mess they left."

John J. Mazur, Sr. who took the operation over from his father in 1956, was distraught when he heard the news of the closing: "I am sincerely disappointed to see that after a short period of ten years, the reputation I worked so hard to build and pass on has unfortunately deteriorated." Prior to selling the business, Mazur’s Bakery was voted the number one bakery in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly, a status the Mazurs are hoping to restore.

"We are seeking a competent and code-compliant operator that will meet Mazur’s high expectations as well as create a strong and responsible business that gives back to the Lyndhurst community," says Mazur, Jr. "We are grateful to all of our old time customers who’ve supported the bakery throughout the years. Additionally, we appreciate to the town of Lyndhurst for making Mazur’s an integral part of the community, and we are committed to finding and operator who will uphold our expectations for years to come."

Media Contact
Contact: John J. Mazur, Jr.
Tel: 201-438-2922